This site is for New Mexico Department of Health medical cannabis patients only. If you would like an email communication, please fill out the "Contact Us" sheet or email us at customerservice@compassionatedistributors.com along with your NM DOH ID number.  You may also contact us at (575) 258-1087.  Thank you. 

                                                             Our Location -- Ruidoso main office
Keep your eye out for the YELLOW sign

1216 Mechem Dr. Ruidoso, Nm 88355
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Seating area for patients to relax
Front Counter
This is our office where you may purchase your medicine.   Our Main office is located in  Ruidoso, New Mexico, and we have a satellite office in Roswell -- see below for our Roswell office location.     Our Ruidoso location is at 1216 Mechem Drive in Ruidoso, NM.   Our  Ruidoso office hours are Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please call (575) 258-1087 or email us at customerservice@compassaionatedistributors.com for more information.

When you arrive, we will also need your government-issued identification card or driver's license so that we can make a copy.

Patients waiting area
Our sampling has returned to our Ruidoso location.  You may sample our products, but you must have a driver.  Your driver must come in, and sit on the couch in the front waiting area.    A driver's license must be provided.  Both you and your driver will sign our form certifying that you will not drive after sampling.  You may then proceed into the back office, away from the counter, to sample.  Only patients will be allowed in the back office.  Additionally, only patients are allowed at the bar area at all times.
Other Location -- Roswell satellite office
We are located on the back side of the building at 117 West Walnut.  We will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m..  Our phone number is 575-622-6268.    This is a true satellite office, so pre-ordering in Ruidoso is advisable because all of our strains may not be available in Roswell.   To pre-order, call our Ruidoso location at 575-258-1087 Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday.  You must show your card and ID to enter the building; we will buzz you in when you hold your card and ID out so the camera above the handicap ramp can capture its image.   Only patients will be permitted entry, please no friends or family members. 
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